A Showing of Fiction!

As I prepare for this coming year, I am thinking about what is important for my kids to learn first in 3rd grade! My mind always go back to FICTION! Kids are most familiar with this genre and it is the easiest for the children to relate to! I love teaching the Elements of Fiction! There are so many wonderful ways to teach these and the kids love learning about them through different stories!

What are the Elements of Fiction you ask? These are things like...Character, Setting, Problem, Solution, Theme, and Point of View. It can be a lot for a teacher to teach but all of the components are so important! I created a slideshow for teachers to help them teach all of the different elements! The slideshow is "Movie Themed." I feel like fiction books are much like the movies...they take you to places you never thought possible and allow the imagination to run wild! I think my students will love this A Showing of Fiction slide show! Here are two of the slides! There are 13 slides total. :)

I also love this "Flocabulary Rap"  It raps about the Elements of Fiction! The kids LOVE it! I used this one last year! I actually heard a few of them rapping it on the STAAR test. ;) I shhhhh-ed them but smiled! :)

I hope you enjoy these resources! Happy Teaching!

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