Some Finger Lickin' Good Awards!

As the year comes to a close, I have been thinking a lot about how to award my kids. I want to be clever, but still have the awards mean something. A few weeks ago, I created some awards for the kids that are "candy themed..." I mean who doesn't love candy, right? Kids especially do! I think these awards will be fun and meaningful!

I shared these already with my team at work and they are loving them! I suppose it is time for me to start filling mine out! I thought as a cute addition, I would add the actual candy to their award! (Almond Joy for the Almond Joy Award!) :) A snack and award all in one? Score!

I also got these wonderfully cute clip art items from Krista Wallden over at Creative Clips! :) I love her bright, so colorful, she is fantastic!

Check out a few clips of my awards using her clip art!

Below are the links for these awards! 119 pages total--54 awards, color and black and white copies! I included a link for my TPT store and my Teacher's Notebook store!

Student Awards: TPT

Student Awards: Teacher's Notebook

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I truly cannot believe this year is already winding down! Brace yourselves...the last 3 weeks can be a whirlwind! Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

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