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Hey Guys and Gals! 

I am excited to share something new that has been brought to my attention! Now, to be totally transparent, it is no secret that I am a seller on TeacherspayTeachers! And I love all that they stand for and all that they do, but I have also found another site that has teacher created resources but just presented in a different way! 


TeacherSherpa is new and on the rise quickly. They provide thousands of teacher created resources that are great for differentiation in the classroom. Really, it is search for items you need, browse and find something you like, then download it and print. 

The resources are free but if you want unlimited downloads, there is a flat monthly fee. However, the monthly fee is only $3. If you do not want to pay, you can register and get 2 downloads for free! Right now, there are over 6,500 resources available to teachers!

Plus, I mean, watch this video, isn't Lucy adorable and don't we all understand her? :)

TeacherSherpa from TeacherSherpa on Vimeo.

I have found a ton of great items on here to use and have even put some of my items are here for other teachers to download! Also great clipart, doodles and images! 

I also love the fact that they have a "create" tool on their website. You can create what you need right then and there. If you are in a PD session and want to create something right there with your can! 

I have been very impressed with the website over all, and if you follow my blog, you know I do not usually gush over things like this! I don't usually gush at all actually. lol. But, this is a great way to get the resources you need without breaking the bank! 

Feel free to go check it out if you would like! You do not have to pay for anything if you don't want to, no pressure! I think you will find some awesome things though!

TeacherSherpa Website

Hope you all have a fabulous week! :)


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