Amazon Find No. 1

I am very excited to start sharing my Amazon finds with you all! I get requests for this all of the time but just haven't begun sharing my finds yet! So here we go!

Disclaimer: This post contains educational and non-educational items. All links are affiliate links and at no cost to you, I will earn a few cents per purchase made through these links. All reviews are my own. :)

I buy a lot of clothes on most of my closet is from Amazon. I am not really sure what that says about me. Perhaps I do not like shopping...or perhaps I just prefer shopping from my couch. Eh, either works.

One of my favorite purchases from this past month was this Casual Tunic Sweater. I bought three different colors and loved them all! The fit is great (ordered a size up because of the reviews of sleeve length.) They are so cozy and fit perfect!

I also bought these moisturizing socks. Pretty random right? Well, a friend recommended them to me and who am I to turn down a good recommendation. I truly thought it was a silly idea but ordered them anyway. I LOVE them. They are very soft and really do keep your feet feeling soft!

Deseau Moisturizing Socks - Luxurious Soft Cotton with Thermoplastic Gel Lining Infused with Botanical Oils - One Pair

I also have seen many other ladies on Instagram buying this 1/4 zip pullover. I decided to grab one myself. I am so glad I did. It is the coziest thing ever! Well worth the money! They have a lot of great colors too. I may grab another one. :) The picture below isn't great but I wanted to show you more of the quality of the material. It is so soft and well made. I ordered a size up so I can wear with leggings and boots.

Last clothing one for this month, but if you read nothing else...READ THIS. These shoes are the best! Now, I thought they might look a little too "old lady" for me when they came in but they don't! When I pulled them out of the box, I was surprised at how cute they look. They are the most comfortable house shoes ever. I usually get mine at Old Navy but I wanted to try some different ones. I am obsessed. 

Another item I tend to always buy on Amazon is my favorite lotion. I have one lotion that works best for me and I just order it when I run low. The Lubriderm Daily Moisture is my favorite. It lasts a while and really does a great job!

Bath Bombs are all the rage, right? I am obsessed with them too! I ordered these for my friend who is pregnant with twins. I had them delivered to her house and she loved them! I ordered some for myself too after that. She is right, they are incredible! I believe she took 3 baths in one day because of them. :) However, I am sure pregnancy had something to do with that too! 

Bath Bomb Gifts for Women - Luxury Bath Bombs Gift Set รข€“ 6 Vegan Lush Organic Bath Bombs for Women - USA Made

Along with skincare and pampering, this Insta Natural Retinol Serum is my favorite thing to use on my face right after taking a shower. It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel incredible! It is great for wrinkles, puffy eyes, and just making your skin feel better. I swear it works magic overnight. lol.

If you follow Abby Mullins (@babblingabby) on know this next one well! I have resigned myself to buying these in bulk. It started because I couldn't find them in the store. Now, I just buy in bulk because they are incredible. This is the best tea you will ever taste. Hands-down. I just need them to come out with K-cups now. lol. The 6 pack is SIX BOXES with 15 bags in each. Excessive right? One would think. But no, I use them. I use them all. :)

Tazo Filterbag Tea, Glazed Lemon Loaf, 15 ct (Pack of 6)

As far as business goes, I really have struggled with finding a good tripod for my phone. I needed one to record Instastories product demos, e-course videos, and Facebook LIVE. I stumbled across this and I couldn't believe how great it was for only $18. Truly incredible. Well made, and does the job!


I really enjoy ordering Livi things online for pre-school at home with me. If I take her to the store, she wants all the things. So ordering online just helps me price things better, not impulse buy and keep them hidden until we need them. I ordered a few things for her this time and loved each one of the items I ordered. 

These ABC Cookies are really fun! Great for practicing early words and matching! There are four different games you can play in one cookie jar!

Clearly, I love Learning Resources brand. This Super Sorting Pie was a hit with her! I was afraid it might be a little easy but the fine motor is great! There are so many different things you can do with this that she doesn't get bored! I was also afraid all of the pieces would drive me nuts but it is very easy to clean up!


Dice anyone? Yeah, I love dice. I love doing all sorts of games and activities with them for my kids. Right now, my son loves working on place value, addition and subtraction with them! Livi just loves playing with them. I found these for a great price on Amazon. Since our dice go missing often, I decided we really couldn't ever have enough.

Okay, I think that is it for my January purchases! I do another share in March for my February purchases! I shop on Amazon a lot. It is nice to be able to share some of my favorite finds!

Also, feel free to look at the items in my Amazon Store Front. These are just items I have purchased and love! 

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