What to Do The First Week of School!

What activities do you do the first week of school? I get asked that question OFTEN! So I am going to share a few of my "First Week Goodies" with you! I have to say--I can't take credit for most of them but I am great at stealing ideas from others! :)

I always do a version of People BINGO! I found this one recently and like it better than the one I used last year! They kids have a blast with it! You can either can kids to "sign" the square or I usually have them color it in. I looks pretty when they are finished! :) Besides, it is a great conversation starter! Afterwards I always ask some students to share a few things they learned about their friends!

This activity is for the younger kiddos but I do it with my third graders as just a quick 3:00-3:15 activity on the first day! They just jot down a few things about their day and draw a few pictures. It's great for me as the teacher...because we have to start getting ready to go home at 3:00 (or sooner) during the first week so we make sure we get all of the kids to the right place. I don't say this often...but it keeps the kids busy. :) I also think it is something Mom and Dad might like to see!

I believe I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but I love doing the Bag-Show and Tell activity. I found these on Pinterest this year and liked them better than what I already had!
I ran them off on orange cardstock (we are the orange hall) and cut them out. Then I stapled them to a brown bag and placed one on each child's desk for Meet the Teacher Night (or the first day of school.) The kids love showing their items and I love getting to see a piece of them!

I also ALWAYS read "The First Day Jitters" (Duh!) It's of course a favorite and the kids love it! We usually do a writing activity with it!

Here is a link for the writing activity.

One last thing I will share is a All About Me sheet that I have all of the kids fill out! I put these in the individual folders I have for them and keep them throughout the year! They come in handy, I am able to see what colors are favorite among the class, sports, foods, etc. I take those into consideration when planning a party or buying treasure box items! (There are a few different kinds in this link--take your pick!)

Bonus: This is not an activity but definitely helpful for the teacher! It is a "How I Get Home" sheet. I highly recommend it!

I hope all of these things help you out with your first few days! It's getting close! Let me know what you do for your first week! I am always looking for things to add!!

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