Interactive Journals!

I am so very excited about my two newest items! These interactive journals are a must have for your classroom!

My goal for my classroom is to start these at the beginning of the year (run the foldables on colored paper) and allow these journals to carry me through the year! So far I have created an Interactive Writing Journal and an Interactive Math Journal!

Here is a glimpse of the Math Journal!

Here is a glimpse of the Writing Journal!

These both include numerous skills and will get you through the entire year! The kids are sure to love them!! :)

TPT: Interactive Writing Journal
Teacher's Notebook: Interactive Writing Journal

TPT: Interactive Math Journal
Teacher's Notebook: Interactive Math Journal (Coming Soon!)

Diary of a...Class Book!

Who loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books?? Apparently every child...ever! lol. I decided to create a Class Book for my students to work on this week...the theme is Diary of a...(1st Grader, 2nd Grader, or in my case...3rd Grader!!) The product includes cover pages for each grade level! I am new at Hudson PEP this year and want a keepsake from my kiddos! I am looking forward to the kids writing about their third grade year and illustrating a picture to go with it!

I know my kids next year will enjoy reading the thoughts of my children this year! The book includes different borders, clip art, a dedication page, signature page, class picture page, and of course writing and illustration pages! I think we will start this TOMORROW! :) I plan on laminating the cover and binding it with yarn and hole punches! I hope you enjoy, let me know what your children think! :)

TPT Link: Diary of a...(Class Book)
Teacher's Notebook Link: Diary of a...(Class Book)


Problem of the Day Student Books!

I am already preparing for next year and I know for next year I am going to do POD (Problem of the Day) books with my students! I have decided to do my POD Books by skill though. So tonight I created a Place Value Problem of the Day Student Book! My plan is, hand this out to the students and each day of the students work one or two problems. We will go over the problems together and the students will be able to see if they understand the concept! I also believe these are great warm-ups for the students! I hope you will enjoy these books! :) Here is a glimpse at what the books look like!

I plan on creating Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, and Rounding books also! What else?? I need a few more ideas! I would like to create a bundle after they are all complete! Something teachers can use all year! I would love your ideas!
TPT Store Link: Place Value POD Book 
Teacher's Notebook Link: Place Value POD Book

Freebie Fridays!

Freebie Friday?? I like that! I think it may be my new trend! :)

So, I am at it again! Man, the free End of the Year Poems for Students took off so well, I decided to create an End of the Year Word Search as well! I hope you enjoy it--well I hope your kids enjoy it! You are sure to enjoy it because it includes an answer key! Oh...and it is free! Now you love it right? :) Go grab it!

TPT Store: End of the Year Word Search
Teacher's Notebook: End of the Year Word Search

Also, if you are looking for an End of the Year Bundle, I have that too! Go check it out! :)

HAPPY TEACHING--and most importantly...HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

Anyone Need a FREEBIE?

Anyone in the mood for an End of the Year FREEBIE? I was definitely in the mood to make one! I needed a poem for my kids for the end of year! Just a little something to leave on their desk that last day of school with their goodie "jars" I am doing this year! (Blog post about that later!) I made these poems for the end of the year and decided to give them away for free! I cannot take credit for the wording of the poems...I have seen these for years, I just decided to make them "cute" to match my taste and the taste of my kiddos! :) Here is a look at them! Go grab them either at my TPT Link or my Teacher's Notebook Link (listed below.) I hope you like them!!

Teacher's Notebook: End of Year Poems for Students
Also if you are still looking for End of the Year Student Awards...grab mine my "Some Finger Lickin' Good Awards" Blog Post! I cannot wait to give these to my kids! :)


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Some Finger Lickin' Good Awards!

As the year comes to a close, I have been thinking a lot about how to award my kids. I want to be clever, but still have the awards mean something. A few weeks ago, I created some awards for the kids that are "candy themed..." I mean who doesn't love candy, right? Kids especially do! I think these awards will be fun and meaningful!

I shared these already with my team at work and they are loving them! I suppose it is time for me to start filling mine out! I thought as a cute addition, I would add the actual candy to their award! (Almond Joy for the Almond Joy Award!) :) A snack and award all in one? Score!

I also got these wonderfully cute clip art items from Krista Wallden over at Creative Clips! :) I love her bright, so colorful, she is fantastic!

Check out a few clips of my awards using her clip art!

Below are the links for these awards! 119 pages total--54 awards, color and black and white copies! I included a link for my TPT store and my Teacher's Notebook store!

Student Awards: TPT

Student Awards: Teacher's Notebook

Also, if you are not already following my Facebook Page--you should! Each and every Friday evening from 8:00-10:00 (Central Time) I do a FLASH FREEBIE! I give away one of my paid products for free! So...join the fun--and follow me!

I truly cannot believe this year is already winding down! Brace yourselves...the last 3 weeks can be a whirlwind! Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

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