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As we all know--it is crunch time! :) I've been in my classroom some working--but I am having to do a lot of it at home. We have a 14 month old and my husband is a HS Band Director...which means he never stops working...even over the summer! So...I get pretty crafty with doing things at home! I just love when teachers share their amazing ideas or great finds--it makes my job easy! Here are a few things I recently checked off my list!

Thanks to Fifth Grade Frenzies I got a great freebie! She was searching and founda freebie on Peace, Love & Learning -It was just what I needed. I have been searching for something to put on my pencil buckets...but hadn't found what I wanted until I saw this freebie! Thanks Ladies! Here is my finished product!

I got the cups at Walmart--they were in the school supply section for $2.00 each...I just like them because they are heavy duty! Then, I just printed out the labels, laminated them...then plugged in the hot glue gun (my new best friend.)  I am terrible with modge podge, and taping just doesn't look near as nice. Hot glue does the trick though on many things! :) Hope you can use these labels, I love them!

Item Numero Dos: Yesterday I was looking at my LONG pinterest list...and printed off these Comprehension Posters!

I love them! I plan on putting the one we are using each week up on the board and we can discuss it! I will also use them at the small group (Guided Reading) table. I did laminate them...I want them to last a while since it took a lot of colored ink! :)

And lastly, I have been reading many people's blogs that have used my idea of the paper organizer!

BUT they of course made it cuter! :) So...I just had to steal their idea and change mine! I also made another one in the process! I think these look much better! Scrapbook paper can heal anything! :)

That's it for now! I have been trying to enjoy every second with my baby before he goes back to daycare in about 3 weeks. Here is a little photo of him. :) I don't usually post personal things on here--but thought you should see the biggest part of my life!

Enjoy the calm before the storm fellow teachers--it's almost that time!


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