Reading Strategy Posters!

Well work for me is back in full swing! I had new teacher orientation this week and started staff development today! I am working with a wonderful group of people, I think this year will be wonderful!

My classroom has been a work in progress all summer! I decided that I needed a new set of reading strategy posters...well... today. :)

I was searching for my others and I couldn't find them! I am not sure they made it through the move. :) So tonite...I hade my creative juices I made a set of posters for myself!

My Reading Strategy Posters include: Finding Important Information, Questioning, Inferring, Synthesizing, Metacognition. Visualizing, and Making Connections!

Hope you enjoy these! Happy Teaching! :)

Snooping Out Text Features!

One of the things I always struggle with during teaching is Text Features. To me they seem so easy...but for students, they are so hard!

Text Features are found in Non-Fiction text...and I think that may be the difficult part. Students do not have enough exposure early on to information (non-fiction) text.

I am going to start early with my students this year...but I am going to start by teaching text features (when I introduce non-fiction.) I feel that if students have a good grasp of text features (and how they can HELP you read and understand informational text) they will be more successful!

I created (yet another) slide show but this time to teach text features! I'm getting a great response on my others (and I know I will use these with my students as well.) This slideshow is called "Snooping out Text Features."

I'm taking the approach that we have to be detectives when we are looking for text features. Text features do not always jump off the page at us...and even if they are noticable, we have the dig in and figure out why the text features are there (yes they are there for a reason!) Below is a preview of 4 slides of my 16 slide powerpoint. I hope you find it benefical for you and your students! :) Happy Teaching!


Updated Character Feelings Word Chart!

As I get a little better at this "creating" thing, I am updating some of the things I created a year or so ago. I recently updated my Character Feeling Word Chart! It now looks more appealing, and includes a black and white copy for students (if needed.)

I like to give each student a copy of this and let them glue it into their reader's notebook! Students need to be familiar with these "feeling words" or "character traits." Not just for school, but it helps the students in real life as well! Go get your copy! Happy Teaching!

A Little of This and That!

Well I have been a busy woman lately! I am loving every second of my time off this summer though!

However, school is quickly approaching, so I have been making a few items!

One item I am VERY proud of is my new Poetry is a Circus Slideshow! My slideshow contains all of the elements of poetry (and there are a ton!) and the four types of poems (along with definitions!) I just love the circus theme though! I know my kids will love it! PowerPoint Presentations can be boring at times for kids! I know mine will love the bright color and kid friendly language! Now just to figure out when I teach poetry...I am knee deep in a new Scope and Sequence right now! :) Here is a photo of the first page of my slide show! It's just the intro, but you get the idea!

I have also been creating some sight words for reading! I created 3rd grade ones...then I decided I would do every grade level! Here is a link to my TPT store...they can all be found here! I do not want to link a different one for each grade level! My hope is that teachers will print them, laminate them and cut them out for the students to practice. Teachers can also use them at the small group table as well! :)

Here is one quick photo...they all look the same, bright, colorful and easy to read!
I also created a Character Graphic Organizer! I am always looking for one of these that has all of the components we study in 3rd grade for characters! I finally decided to just create one! I am going to use this ALL YEAR LONG!
 I also made this Synonym Matching Game! The students cut out the bottom words and match them with the correct synonym at the top! I think this will be a great station/center activity! Mix it up a little from the paper/pencil work! :)
These come with more labels, but I am just showing one picture! I created a set of "Days of the Week" labels...I have the bins in my room that I put each day's lesson plans and activities in to stay organized. My labels needed replacing badly though! I think these are cute? :) I also made a few extra for some drawers in my room. (Extra work, Read Alouds and Homework!)
I also made TWO Place Value Activities! One of the activities is for WHOLE GROUP! And one of the activities can be used daily with the students or as a center or station! It is called Place Value Four Square!

Both Activities are fun and interactive for the kids! Instructions and materials for both games are included in my TPT store. Here is the instruction card for the first one, and the cards for the second one! Had to give you a look at both! :) Again, I cannot wait to get my kids excited about place value using these! (And I m sooo excited to be teaching math again!) :)

I have a made a few more things! However, I am tired and ready for bed! I will save those for another day! :) I hope you enjoy these items! Happy Teaching!

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