Welcome Back Packet!

As you know...I am changing districts this year! At my old district...we always had a "Welcome Back Packet" that we would have on the student's desk first thing in the morning the first week of school. If you have taught before...you know that the first week is CRAZY! Meeting parents, getting kids settled, getting supplies settled, and getting transportation recorded for all of the students! (First Day Goal--Get All of the Student Home!)--It's in the teaching handbook. ;)

Anyway, I didn't have one of those packets for this coming year...the work isn't hard, it's fun! A lot of get to know you activities and "tell me about your summer" activities. So I decided to create one! I believe the worst part will be making copies of it! :) I love it though! Here is a preview of the packet! Download your packet HERE!

There are mulitple pages of this one!

I hope you can use this with your kiddos!!

Math Word Problem Cards

Well as you know I will be teaching math once again this coming year! (After a two year break of only teaching reading and writing!) My supplies for math activities were running kind of low...and if you live in Texas you know the Math TEKS changed as well! Whew...lots to think about! I decided to put my stress to work! I have been working on math word problems for my students. I plan on using this as an "Early Bird" activity (when kids finish early.) I created a set of 24 colorful word problem cards that I will laminate and run off for my kids (probably 2 sets just to make sure each child can have multiple cards at their seat.) The students will use the answer sheet I also created and fill in the word problems (showing work of course!) Here is a glimpse of the cards! There are 6 pages of cards total (24 cards) but this gives you an idea! You can find the whole set HERE.

These word problem cards include multiple skills...basically every skills I could think of! :) I know these would work great for 4th grade also...and perhaps most of them for 2nd grade? I would probably just take out the division ones for the 2nd graders! But who knows...they may love a challenge!

I hope these help your wonderful kiddos! I can't wait to use them with mine!

Choice Board Packet!

Well I must say...my Choice Boards on TPT have been BIG HIT! People love them and I have had many requests for some different versions!

So I created a Bundle that includes all of my Choice Boards! You can find it HERE!

 I cannot wait to use these this year instead of having students respond on notebook paper (boring!) These choice boards will spice things up and help me know if the students are really getting a certain concept! 

 This packet includes a Math, Reading and Poetry Choice Board...as well as both Reading Response Choice Boards! Hope you enjoy!


My New Classroom at Hudson Pep!

Here is my new classroom at my new school! I am so very excited about this year! I still have some things to add...but it is close to being finished!

I downsized my reading corner a lot due to the fact that that I did not need books ranging from Kindergarten-4th Grade!

Here is my "small group" table...and bulletin board!

Close up of my bulletin board! Our theme this year for the school is "Oh the Places You'll Go!" When I get the kid's names...I am going to put them on the balloons! :)

My awesome and huge counter top! :)

Cubbies! Love them! Finally a place to put backpacks!

Part of my teacher corner.

My teacher corner and objective boards! I need two more objective boards for math and science!

My organizers!

Glimpse of the class from the enterance!

I am not sure what this section will be...I am adding a pink bean bag...so I may have to use a different rug. I just want the kids to have many places to read and do work out of their seats.

My reading corner!

My SmartBoard and Bookshelves!
It's hard to read in the picture but it says "We are STAARS!" :)
Again, I am still adding things but it is ALMOST complete! I cannot wait to get this year started!

Task Cards!

During last school year, we had students that had trouble with different skills...I am sure every teacher has had this problem! I decided to create task cards for the students to complete when they finished reading a book! I wanted cards that would work with pretty much any book! The students read the book, then complete the card! I loved this idea because the students could choose the task card they were having the most trouble with and practice that skill! I rewarded the students when they completed the task card correctly and "checked" that skill off their list! The students really enjoyed the task cards! The cards are fun but the students also liked that they can choose what book to read (within reason of course!) :)

Here is an example of one task card! You can find the whole set here!
There are task cards for each skill (fiction and non-fiction) I just put mine in a notebook (in page protectors) and let the kids work through them on another piece of paper!
I also created a Elements of Fiction Task Card for the kids! This card includes more on one card--all of the elements of fiction! I made a flipbook with this for the kids and they put one element on each flap! It can be done many ways though!
The students liked doing this one too! Of course it only works with fiction but it really drives the elements home for the kids! You can find it here!
Don't worry, all of my cards aren't pink! They come in blue, green and pink! :) Go check out my TpT store! You will find some great goodies!
I hope you enjoy!


Writing Prompts!

I am very excited about teaching writing this year! I mean I have always taught writing but I am looking forward to trying a few new things with my students this year! Last year I did whole class journals...I LOVED THESE! I plan on doing them again this year! However, I am also going to do a Class Journal. I create these writing prompts and I am very excited about putting them in a cute little report cover notebook and having the kids write in them! I will do multiple copies of each sheet so if more than one student wants to write about a certain topic...they can! The topics vary from school related, to friends, to desserts, to family, to birthdays, etc...you get the point! :)

There is a little glimpse of the cover page and one of the journal pages! I cannot wait to have my students start our collection of writings!

Important People: Past and Present!

I am very excited about my newest creation!! I just finished a wonderful (if I may say so myself) PowerPoint presentation that teaches all of the 3rd grade Social Studies people! My team and I had such a hard time last year putting together something that would teach an overview of these people (there are so many!!) We of course would go in depth with the people later during our research projects but the students needed to know something about the people before then!

In my PowerPoint presentation, I included 23 different people...(I won't list them all!) I also included the date they were born, their occupation, things they are remembered for and the date they died--and of course a photograph! I hope all you teachers can use this to help you with your social studies unit! I think it can also be adapted for 2nd and 4th! :) I know we have a lot of the same people! Go check it out in my TpT store!

I hope you enjoy!! :)


Who loves buckets? This Girl! You see...Target always has buckets in their dollar bins and I am a fan of HUGE deals...especially for teacher things. So the other day I went in to Target...I think for diapers...but came out with about 12 buckets...maybe they are pails...but I call them buckets. I got yellows, pinks, turquoise...you name it, I got it! 3 for $1! I stocked up! Then much to my surprise, I remembered I had a Pinterest project I had been wanting to complete...the rest is history!

I took these 3 buckets, placed labels on them and then added scrapbook letters...all very cheap! I also bought magnetic hooks (I didn't have these already, but bought them at Wal-mart...4 for $2.22) I have always wanted these, just kept forgetting to make them. I will hang them on my dry erase board. I hate having junk on the tray of my dry erase board...and I have a TON of magnets...they just take up space until I am ready to use them! Plus, this just adds some pretty to my board! :)


Math Choice Board

Wow, what a busy week! We took our toddler to see family in Kansas...a 9 hour car trip, talk about hard! He was a champ though and we had a blast!

Time for moving into my classroom is getting close! I cannot wait to get started! I have been thinking though, the last 2 years I have taught reading, writing and social studies; this year I will go back to being self-contained. I am very excited about teaching all subjects again and having only 22 children BUT I realized I need to get busy preparing for math again!

This past year, I created a Choice Board Bundle to use with my kids when they are finished with work, or when they had mastered a skill and did not need the re-teach time. I decided to create a Math Choice Board as well for this coming year. Here is a picture of it!

The choice board allows students to have a variety of activities that they can do independently but also be challenged. I do not like to "waste" time in my classroom. Students need to know the expectations for when they are finished. I like to have my students complete a square and then color it in. When they complete 5 in a row, they get a prize. However, I check their work to make sure they are not saying they did it when they did not. The kids LOVE these! Give it a whirl!

Oh, and the activities can be adjusted for different grade levels! :)
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