Labor of Love

Well I have finished my latest "labor of love." This little gem was truly time consuming but I love the way it turned out!

Every year I want to get more organized but can find a binder that meets all of my I just created one! I know I won't use it until next year, but boy I cannot wait!! :)

All Inclusive Teacher Binder! A great resource for getting organized over the summer!

Teacher Binder Cover Page
20 Divider Pages:
Staff Development Notes
Meeting Notes
Class Information
Professional Development Notes
Lesson Planning
Small Groups
Guided Reading
Parent Communcation
Data and Assessments
Student Information
Sub Information
Behavior Management
Blank One (For you to fill in if needed)

Also Includes:
Colorful Matching 12 Month Academic Calendar (Aug-July)

AND: 20 Pages of Binder Organizational Inserts:
Meeting Notes
Parent Conference Log
Staff Development Log
Professional Development Log
Student Checklist
Student Checklist
Student Roster
Parent Contact (at a glance)
Field Trip Information
User Names & Passwords
Important Websites
Student Information Sheet
Reading Levels
Student ID's
Assessment Logs
Health Concerns
RTI Students

Can print in black and white (switch printer setting to grayscale) :)

Here is the link: TEACHER BINDER


Wow, I guess you could say I have been on a TPT kick lately! I have been buying a ton, creating a ton, and just basically living on that website! I am having waaaayyy to much fun creating though and let me tell you, my kids LOVE IT! "Mrs. Kiser...what did you make us over the weekend??" I hear it every Monday! ;)

So...this weekend I have been pretty crafty. Last week I was working on prepositions with my students (for the 2nd time) so it generally was a review...I noticed that they knew what a preposition was (that's the hard part to me) but didn't know any examples...I questioned they truly understand? I actually do not know yet. But I knew I had to help them along. Yesterday I made a Preposition Student Book! I cannot wait to use it with my kiddos!

It includes all of the prepositions in the English language and it is separated by letter. Starts with A's...then B's...etc. The students make a booklet out of it and it is used a reference. Mine is coming late in the year but will have them take it to fourth grade next year! Here is the link!

I also enjoyed creating (with the same template as my preposition book) a "Super Word Problem" is superhero themed and comes with 10 pages (2 word problems per page) and 24 bonus problem solving cards!

Here is the link!

Lastly I created a fun Mother's Day activity for our kiddos! It includes Mom, Dad, Grandma and a blank on though, just incase you have some kiddos that do not live with mom or have a mom to celebrate! I know I have some of those too!

Here is the link!

I hope you enjoy all of these fun things as much as I enjoyed creating them! :) Happy Teaching!


100 Likes Giveaway!!

Have you liked my facebook page yet?? I have a new Adventures in Teaching Facebook Page and I am trying to generate LIKES! :) In order to do so, I decided to would host a giveaway for people that have either already liked my page or my NEW likes!

All you have to do is go "like" my page, leave a comment on my GIVEAWAY post, and let me know what number of LIKE you are! Also leave your e-mail address! I will choose 5 winners after I hit 100 LIKES! You can choose anything of a $5 value or less from my store and I will send it to you!

Even if I hit 100 likes but haven't announced a winner yet, you can still LIKE and leave your name. I will choose from everyone!!

Here you go!! My Facebook Page!


Literacy Bundle!

Well after waiting for what seemed like 2 hours for my computer to update (more like 10 minutes) :) I was finally able to get on and complete a project I have been working on! I usually save this stuff for the weekend, but I was too excited about this and TONS of people have been asking me to do this--so here we go!

I finally posted my LITERACY BUNDLE!

Enjoy all of my Literacy products in this one BUNDLE!

Choice Board Bundle
Task Card Bundle
Reader's Response Bundle
Graphic Organizer Bundle
Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
Character Feelings Word Chart
Reading Comprehension Posters

40 Pages of literacy resources!! A $20 Value--greatly discounted!

I mainly did this for the discount! Buying 
separately can be expensive! I hope this helps! :)

Enjoy! Happy Teaching! 


Science?? Sure! Why Not!

I am trying my hand at something a little new tonight! I made something for SCIENCE! I know, right? :)

I think these turned out sooooo cute and I cannot wait to use them in my classroom this year and especially at the beginning of next year!!

I created a set of Scientific Method Posters and Activities! Includes 6 Posters, 2 Journaling Pages and 3 Graphic Organizers!

I definitely wanted some more appealing things in the area of of the best way to engage students is to get their attention! These are sure to do that! I love having my kids work in partners for science and these graphic organizers lend themselves to that.

Let me know what you think! I am always looking for others opinions! Happy Teaching!


Notebook Covers!

Well, I am already thinking about next year...does that surprise you? It shouldn't...I'm crazy like that. :) I was thinking about my organization the other day...I pride myself on being organized...well I try to be anyway. However, in the midst of changing jobs this year, I have changed some of my organizational routines up and need some cute things to make them a little more "teachery."

I started notebooks this year and plan on using them next year as well! I decided I wanted some notebook covers for all 10 of the notebooks I have going on...I know, yikes! I think you will like them though--bright, colorful, cool fonts, cute clipart...can't go wrong! They are free, so grab them by clicking the image below!

Notebook Covers!

Happy Teaching!

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