Test Prep!

Preparing students for a standardized test can be tricky business! We don't want them to get nervous, but we want them to take it seriously! After all, they are only children, but this test is important! I have designed a special FREEBIE for you guys! A letter home to the parents before the students take their standardized tests! (In Texas, it is the STAAR test, but I know in other states it is not, so I made it for any test.) I also made cards for a Survival Kit! Just staple the cards on baggies and fill them with the goodies! I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE!

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Daily Fix-It's (D.O.L)

I finally finished a product I have been wanting to make for a long time! I know there has been some skepticism about D.O.L in the classroom, but I personally feel (when used correctly) it can be a great tool for teaching students important grammar rules. Students speak very differently than we want them to write, it is so important for students to learn these rules and use them in their every day language and writing.

I created a 6 week pack for D.O.L! (more to come soon!)

There are two different sentences for each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and an assessment on Friday where the students have to correct a paragraph and rewrite it the correct way. I believe this will be very beneficial for your students and mine as well! I adapted it so it can work easily for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Let's face it, the rules only build on each other! I hope you enjoy the pack!

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Yippee for Poetry!

Poetry is one of my FAVORITE things to teach...I love, love, love it! I think there are so many fun things you can do with poetry (reading and writing!)

I have noticed there are so many elements to poetry though, that sometimes I have a hard time keeping them straight. I know if I find it hard, my 3rd graders must find it absolutely dreadful. I decided to create some fun activities for them to help with all of those elements right before our dreaded STAAR test! (3 weeks...EEK!) Anyway...I've created 15 posters that will be me room for the weeks to come! An AWESOME BINGO Game (who doesn't love BINGO??) And a few practice sheets, responses, note taking sheets, and OF COURSE...my Poetry Choice Board! :) Here is the PACK!

Earlier in the year I used my Elements of Poetry Slide Show to teach them the elements and they loved it! Since then, we have talked about them weekly. I needed something new and a little more glamorous to WOW them in the last few weeks. I hope you like it as well! I love colors and clipart--so beware--its bright and shiny! :) Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

April Journal Book

I just finished creating an April Journaling Book for students! I think your students will LOVE it!! I plan on making one for each month! So stay tuned, but for now...get your April Journal Book Here!

Includes many April Themed Prompts! Earth Day, April Fools Day, Friend, Flower, Poems, Rain...you get the picture! :)

Here are just a few samples!

Happy Teaching!!


I am excited to be posting again, and during the week? WOW! :)

I have been updating (and will continue) to update a few of my items! With my new fonts, clipart, and computer, I am excited to make my products even better!

I also am adding a TERMS OF USE page to all of my items. I didn't realize how big this TPT thing could get...wow...but I am loving it!

I have updated my FICTION ELEMENTS MEGA PACK--Here are a few photos!

I have also updated my FICTION and NON-FICTION TASK CARDS--Here are a few photos!

Lastly I have updated my MATH COVER-UP GAMES--Here are a few photos!

All of these items are HUGE sellers, so I wanted to make them even better and more appealing. I hope you enjoy! Please leave me feedback and follow me on here and my TPT! :)

Happy Teaching!

50 Writing Task Cards!

I am always searching for topics for my students to use for writing. We of course have the more thought out topics...that we want to take through the publishing process. I look at those as more of the types of writing (expository, creative, fiction, narrative, how to's...etc.) Then we have journal writing...where I want my kids to just think and write; basically pour over their writing!

Therefore I am left with the daily decision of "what do my children write about today?" I like to have topics that they will enjoy reading years from now...so I created this 50 task card set of writing topics. Students will draw one out (or I will draw one for the entire class) and they will begin writing. These will be great for the writing center too! Students can be self-directed with these cards! I cannot wait to use these in my classroom! I am going to laminate them for durability...but basically just print, cut, and you are ready! Hope you enjoy! Click on the link below to get your copy!

50 Writing Task Cards

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Sight Word Fluency Checks!

Back again! Wow, twice in one day?? Can you tell it is Spring Break around here?? I guess I should tell you too that I just recently got a new computer! It has some amazing features to help me with my TPT stuff, sooo...I am a little addicted! :)

Here is a new creation I made today during my son's nap time! (Its about the only time of day I am productive.) I have created fluency checks to go along with my sight word cards! I am not selling them together because I realize not everyone needs alllll of the sight cards. However, I am selling all of the fluency checks in one pack. K-3rd. If I may say, I believe these will be extremely helpful for you and of course me, because I am a teacher as well! Please feel free to go check them out!

Fluency Checks

Happy Teaching! :)

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