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Well for months I have had followers and friends ask me to do a tutorial on how to be successful on TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers). Finally (since I am on bed rest...) I have time to do a tutorial on how to be successful as a seller on TPT!

First, I will say...nothing come takes time. I have recently joined the $10,000 club! I could not be more excited...but I am hoping to get to the next level a little quicker! Sales are booming and I've learned so much along the way! I hope you enjoy this tutorial...and please follow me on my store for FREEBIES that can really help you see the type of products I am talking about!

My TPT Store!

The first (and more important thing to me) is the program you use to make your products! I use PowerPoint and can speak from experience to NOT EVER use Microsoft Word!! I started using word...and it was a took me forever and the products looked crummy! Now if you are reading this and you have mastered Word...more power to you! I could not! So I use PowerPoint!! I LOVE IT! Why??

  • Easier formatting
  • Copy and Pasting Multiple Slides is a BREEZE
  • Changing the File to PDF when you are done is SIMPLE
  • It's PRETTY! :) #duh

Just always make sure your slides are set to "On Screen Show" for the size...I made a mistake with that at the beginning and had to go back and fix a lot of my products!

Another huge deal to me is the clipart you use! I know it stinks to spend money when you haven't made anything yet...but you have to spend money to make money! I use Krista Wallden from TPT for ALL of my clipart needs! She has a TON of free items...(over 80) and you can use them fore commercial use (to sell things.) Plus, I buy a lot of things from her...reasonable prices and she is always doing giveaways!
I also love her because all of her colors match...for example if I buy frames from her...I know the clothes on the kids clipart I already bought from her are going to match the frames. NOTHING looks worse than uncoordinated colors on clipart! lol. #matchymatchy
Besides, once you buy something, LEAVE HER FEEDBACK! When you do get TPT points...and those add up. I have "bought" over $20 worth of clipart with TPT feedback points. It's as good as money! Now I hardly ever have to spend money on clipart because I have a good collection built up and I have TPT points. Also, you know you are legally safe with her stuff! Some people say you buy their clipart but only for classroom use...yikes. Give Krista a visit, you are sure to love her! She has everything!! :)
Let talk a minute about COVER PAGES! Each product you do must have an attractive cover page!

Here is a sample of one of my science products! I didn't start out with any cover pages a year ago...and things just didn't sell. It's like when you are looking at the cover of a book (I know, don't judge a book buy it's cover)...great in theory...but with books, we do judge and that is okay! Same here! Make a cover page that is attractive and people will buy! I like to give a little glimpse of the pages too on my cover page...then they can see the preview if they want a further look! Here is an example of a preview!

Collages are very popular for previews...people like to see what they are buying before they buy it! Lesson Learned: DO NOT use watermarks...I did and posted every page of my product with a watermark...and the watermark could be removed. I had to go through and redo my previews for 117 items. YUCK! Just start with collages from the is easier. I use the program called PICASA! Found Here! It is free and SO EASY TO USE! So for all of your collage needs...that's the place to go!

Also (when you start on TPT) create a Terms of Use page that you can copy and paste in your products each time. (Another reason why I love PowerPoint) I created a Terms of Use Page in a PowerPoint File...then I just open it, copy and paste it into my product and done! :) Here is an example!
Lastly, cater to the needs of the people. I am still mastering this and probably always will be...but think about what teachers need! Create products you know people will buy...#duh. But matters. :) And don't get discouraged! Some products you spend hours on...may not sell right away. Give it takes some time for products to get noticed, but when they do--wow! :)
I hope these few tips help you in your TPT journey! I am by no means a champion seller, but this extra income has done WONDERS for my family! It takes hard work...and there is a huge learning curve...but stick with it! It works! :)
Comment below for any other questions! I am sure I left some things out! Also...check out my Facebook Page! I am constantly doing Giveaways and Freebies! :) AND you can ask questions there about TPT success!


  1. Thanks for all the tips! I hope to hit that club this year.

  2. Thanks for all the tips! I hope to hit that club this year.

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  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!! we all succeed together, and let me be the second to congratulate you in the comments sections, and say that I appreciated the article here!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you!!! we all succeed together, and let me be the second to congratulate you in the comments sections, and say that I appreciated the article here!

  6. Awesome tips! I love to hear success stories like yours. Thanks so much for sharing your helpful tips. I also hope to hit that club this year. Best wishes!
    Regina Frazier

  7. Great tutorial! Very informative :) Thank you for sharing!!


  8. Thank you for the tips and best of luck towards future success!

  9. Thank you for the wonderful tips and congratulations!

  10. Thank you very much! Tell me please is it possible to stay basic member and earn money?

  11. Great information. I am hoping to take the leap and start creating soon.


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