Ladybug Ladybug Fly Away Home!

Well today was a fun day in Mrs. Kiser's Class! We learned all about the Life Cycle of a Ladybug! The kids were excited anyway to learn about ladybugs but when you add some fun activities to the mix...they were ecstatic!
A few months ago I knew this unit would be coming up sometime soon! So I decided to create a fun unit to do with my students on The Life Cycle of a Ladybug!

My team also wanted a copy so of course I shared and we are all doing this unit this week! We started by gluing the poster in our Science Journals.
There is a color copy and a black and white copy in the unit but I gave my kids the black and white copy and let them color it. 
The kids loved doing that and then of course we talked about it!
Here is a picture of the anchor chart/poster. This young lady did a wonderful job!!
Then we moved on to the reading passage and first activity.

The students read the reading passage then together we talked about the different stages. We then highlighted the important sections for each stage of the life cycle.
Then after we highlighted, the students filled out their activity page!

The students also trimmed both the passage and the activity page and put those in their journals.
I went around a graded them as they were finished so I could see how they were doing. All the students did really well and seemed to love it!
Next comes the lab activity. Unfortunately we were not able to have real ladybug eggs to watch from the beginning but there is a wonderful video that is just a few minutes long that helped us!
We worked on this lab activity during the short video.

I didn't snag pictures of that because I was helping the students but it was really a great activity! I will try to update later with some student samples. They loved drawing the changes in the life cycle!
Finally, we finished up with a Ladybug Life Cycle Book! I included two copies in the product. One has the pictures already drawn and the students just write in the book. The other one lets the write and draw the pictures. We did the drawing one. Again, I forgot to snap pictures of these! I will come back and update with student examples! :)

These are adorable when finally put together! Like I said, I will update with student examples when I can. I had a few absent today so maybe I can even take some shots of them working on the book and lab activity! Nonetheless, the students LOVED this activity!
If you get to learn about life cycles, this is a great unit to have! Bright colors, fun activities and the students are really engaged!
Here are the links:
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Happy Teaching! :)

End of the Year and Summer School!

Hello May!! (Okay, almost!) Can you tell I am getting excited about the end of school? Well, I am! Not only does the end of school mean more time with my sweet babies but it also means more time to relax!! And let me tell you, I need some relaxation now that our State Testing is done for our Third Graders!

So let's talk about the end of the year! What all do you have to do in preparation for going home in June?

We have a ton to do! One of the things I LOVE doing though is our End of the Year Student Awards.

I love doing these awards! It is fun "labeling" the kids as a specific candy...explaining why...and giving them the candy with their award. LOVE IT! We have parents come watch ours and they got a kick out of the awards last year.

There are a couple of examples of awards...I run them off on cardstock and they are ready to go! NO PREP is the way I go! lol. You can snag these HERE if you want them!

I also like to have something for the students to work on those last couple of days of school. I mean, I would love to be the most amazing teacher ever and say that those last two days of school, I am just teaching my little heart out, getting those kids ready for next year. BUT, let's be real...we are in survival mode! Can I get an AMEN?

Here is another tool I used last year, and to my surprise, it ended up being more than just busy work. I don't mean the product surprised made it. But the way the kids took it, I was excited...they actually enjoyed it and were engaged the entire time. I, on the other hand, was busy putting my bookshelves on top of my cubbies...I mean really? Is that necessary? :) I are some of the pages we love out of this bundle! The map of the would have thought those kids were drawing a treasure map! lol. THEY LOVED IT! The writing prompts were a hit too...variety is key! :) Oh and talk about Bossy Bessies on the 10 Things page! They loved telling 2nd graders what to "beware" of! Those pages made me laugh!

Snag it HERE! :)
Now...lets talk about how much we love those kiddos!! I send each child home with an End of the Year Poem!
I will say...I spend a little more time on these. I laminated them last year and the kids took them home. They are FREE though in my go grab them. (Link above) You will LOVE them. The parents and kids both enjoyed having them!
I also an including a link to my End of the Year Word Search. Busy work? Yes. I'm okay with that though on the last day! In fact, I love it. The kids are having fun, and that is just what we need on JUNE 9th! (Wow...that's late.)
All in all, I really want the end of the year to be smooth for me and the kids. It's the last thing they remember about their year and ME!
Now on to SUMMER SCHOOL! Who teaches it? I am not going to this year...I have a new baby girl that needs my attention. Or maybe I need hers? lol. But I miss I am not doing Summer School. However I was so pleasantly surprised last year when my Summer School Literacy Bundle made the Best Seller list of TPT! What? I know!! I was SO excited! I have now added a Summer School Math Bundle too! And every BUNDLE needs a BUNDLE...right! So I have a Summer School Math and Literacy Bundle! Let me explain:
My Summer School Literacy Bundle is $ is my Summer School Math Bundle. So I put them together for $7.50 So if you need get a discount! Some people JUST teach one subject though over the I wanted to sell them separately too!
My Summer School Literacy Bundle has a whole number of things...such as:

Task Cards
Choice Boards
Board Games Templates
Word Searches
Response Sheets
Writing Templates
Reading Passages
Comprehension Cards
Reading Spinners
Completion Certificates
And much much more!

My Summer School Math Bundle has a whole number of things too! Such as:
Place Value
Word Problems
Center Actvities
and much much more!

 There is over 50 pages in both bundles but that was a glimpse of what the pages look like! Here is the link to the bundle of both! Summer School Math and Literacy Bundle!

I hope these products help make your end of the year smooth and summer school effective! I would love to know what you do to have a smooth end of the year! Comment below with tips and links!

Thanks for Reading! Happy Teaching!

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