Exit Tickets To Assess

I have recently fallen in love with Exit Tickets. Why? I love quick (meaningful) assessments. I am not a "testing" teacher...meaning that I am not a fan of the standardized tests or any other test that stresses out a child...and/or me (the teacher.)

Exit Tickets provide a great deal of information for the teacher while assessing the child on a specific skill.

This week we are focusing on reviewing every skill before our "big, important" test next week. I wanted to "assess" the kids in a way that is fun but meaningful! I have been creating Exit Tickets for a few months now, and we have used them off and on. The kids really love them and I knew that a little more exposure to this type of quick informative assessment would be helpful! The kids do not even know they are being "assessed." And I love that!

We started on Monday with Analogies...these are so hard for the kids. I have this anchor chart in my room though, so they were able to use it to guide their thinking.

I set up cups for the student to turn in their Exit Tickets. (I teach 3 classes a day so organization is key!)

Here is a look at the analogies tickets we did the first day!

The students did really good on these, I know the analogy poster was a HUGE help but whatever works!! :) I am mad at myself though for not getting any photos of these in action!

We moved on after that and works on different skills on different days. Text Structure proved to be a challenge for some of my kids. The ones below did great...but a few did not!

I had to give a few of these back to some students so they could try again. But, that is okay, it was a great teaching moment!

I took each of them through the paragraph again and we discussed key words.

Then we wrapped up with another one! They did much better on this one!

I also strongly encourage the kids to use their interactive journals IF they are having trouble. If they can do it without the support, then great...but I want them to use their resources if need be!

We finished off the week with point of view, main idea, and inferencing. Time got away from me and I did not snap picture of those. (I did of point of view, but a blog post is coming later on that day! lol.) 

I hope this glimpse into Exit Tickets has helped! My kids love them and they are an excellent tool for the teacher as well!

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