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Each month I send out a Follower Note to my TPT Followers! I mean...I love each and every one of them!! I send out free items, updates, etc! 

I have been doing Teachers Pay Teachers for almost 3 years now and could not for the life of my ever figure out how to add an image to the send out. I know...kind of ridiculous right? You would be surprised though...I am not alone!

I took some silly screen shots to maybe help you through the process. I hope you find these as helpful as I did! (I cannot take credit for figuring this out...Crystal Wyatt, another TPT seller told me how!) But I wanted to spread the word a bit! lol.

First, go to the product you want to show the image of in your note to your followers. Ignore the bad lighting and pictures, you will still get the point from these! :)

Next, right click and some options will come problem is, I have been clicking on "copy picture," and that does not work. Click on COPY (or COPY IMAGE FROM.)

Go to your Note to Followers, and you will see a tiny picture looking image on the toolbar. Click on that.

 Do CTRL V (or paste) in the IMAGE URL box and click INSERT.

And your new photo will be added to your send out!

Preview it before you send and you are DONE!

Again, I know NOW this seems so simple...but I really haven't been able to figure it out. Now these do not LINK within the picture...that is a whole different deal...maybe 3 years from now I will tackle that one. lol.

Have a great week!

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