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Pencil Holder Hack

Okay, Okay...I shared a post a while back about this (it went viral) but it was only a photo and I didn't even know who it was from (still don't.) So, I recreated it myself in order to help answer some (many, many) questions about this hack! 

Offering up full disclosure, this is at a table in my house in our "learning area" but it works just the same as a student's desk! The main purpose of me sharing this is to answer the questions of "what is that??" Lol.

As soon as I saw the hack, I did it with my 5th graders! It was right before testing and was a life saver! I wished I had done it all year. 

I ordered these Milkshake Straws from Amazon. They are inexpensive and you get 50!

You will also need scissors, tape (I used clear but you can use decorative if you want!) and of course pencils. 

I cut the straws in half. If you don't the students spend a lot of time digging their pencils out of the straws once they sharpen them a bit. Talk about annoying! I didn't cut them the first year...learned quickly from that! 

Then just tape the straw to the top of the desk. 

Why? Because, students are constantly letting their pencils roll off their desk. Then they are chasing them across the floor. Is it 100% necessary? Probably not, but no hack is...they are just super helpful! 

So, I hope this answers most of the questions about the Pencil Holder Hack! 

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