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President's Day!

Whew, it has been a busy few weeks around here! I wanted to hop on here and share some fun activities and products you can get FOR FREE! Yes, you heard!!

We all know President's Day is coming up. What do you have planned? I personally enjoy teaching about the past Presidents all year long, but we always do something a little bit fun on President's Day! Unfortunately, time never allows for me to shut down the whole day to talk about the Presidents. I am sure you understand that, but adding something fun in a center or for morning work is easy! First, I love to place a word search on their desk in the morning! It is a great reminder that "Hey, it is President's Day!" and, we are usually busy greeting the students, so this helps keep the students engaged. Also, word searches help wake up their brains! Win, win!

Next, this alphabetical order activity is great as a whole group activity or in a center. In the past, I have always used it in a center...but I know other teachers that do it whole group! Either way is great! 

We of course always read a book or two about the Presidents! And I usually have them wrap up with writing about their favorite President! :)

You will also love this activity from another teacher-author! It is the perfect way to teach about the Presidents!

And, if you are looking for a fabulous STEM activity, grab this one!

And lastly, this is one of my favorite resources! I mean, who doesn't love QR Codes?? 

Grab this activity if you are looking for some technology to incorporate in your lessons on President's Day!

I am completely obsessed with TeacherSherpa, and that is where you will find all of these resources! You can get some many wonderful things without paying a dime. Also, feel free to check out the other resources by these authors, they are fabulous! 

I hope all of these ideas help with your President's Day planning and you can't find these resources anywhere else, only on TeacherSherpa! Happy Downloading!