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A Little Summer Fun!

Ahh, what a glorious summer it has been so far. I have loved just about every minute of it. We have traveled, played, and spent a lot of quality time together as a family. With my husband being a band director, we don't get much time together during the year. We really soak up our summers.

One thing I love to do during the summer is crafts. I try to do them during the school year too but Rex is usually at school. Rex had been wanting a way to remember all of the fun things we did this summer. I decided we would make a Summer Memory Box.

If you want to do this with your kids, it is super cheap and simple to make. It was also mess-free (aaammmeennn!) lol.

First, I bought a wooden box with a clasp on it at Target (under $5.) Now, I am no photographer...so just hang with my on these photos.  :)

Now, you can use regular paint on these but I did not want to deal with the mess. I mean some days, sure...but I really wanted something simple. We used our Kwik Stix. If you haven't ever used these, they are so much fun and mess-free!

I told the kids they could do anything they wanted on the box!

They did such a great job! The paint dries fast too which is really nice!

I also love how easy these are for kids to use. My son is not very confident in his painting skills but using these, he was very excited (no I am not selling Kwik Stix.) :) I just love them!

I did put a small piece of painters tape on the hinges and the clasp/lock.

We let them dry then put some stickers on top!

Rex is so proud of his creation!

Annnnd then there is Livi. *smh* :)

She was very proud of her work too though! That is all that matters! :)

Anyway, I hope this gives you a cheap and fun way to store your memories with your kids! Most of all, enjoy your time...they are only little for a short time!

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