written by Hillary Kiser


Shape Showcase!

Here is my newest item! It is called "Shape Showcase!" This year when I was teaching my students shapes, I was at a loss for materials. Of course I could have bought materials but wanted to create my own. At my old school, we did some awesome activities with shapes...one being with toothpicks and marshmallows. I am sure you have heard of that one, but it is where the students make their own 3D shapes using toothpicks as the edges and marshmallows as the vertices (to connect the edges), my kids LOVED it! Now it is an annual thing in our classroom! I also created a Shape Bingo game...I have bingo for addition, subtraction, multiplication, ETC! But not shapes...and all I could find in the stores is the basic shapes...I needed rhombus, parallelogram, you know...those "not so basic" shapes. :) I think the kids will really like this one next year!

I digress, there are tons of fun things in this bundle! I hope you enjoy it and come to find yourself using them annually like me! :)

TPT Store: Shape Showcase 

Teacher's Notebook: Shape Showcase

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