"Pop" into the New Year!

I have finally completed my "Beginning of the Year" Bundle! I really look at this one at the "First Week of School" Bundle. I have always had a pet-peeve with the "Back to School" packs. I feel like they are just busy work...I know that we need to get to know the kids, but can't we do that in productive ways? I just hate wasting time with my kiddos! I put together this bundle so the kids could have fun, but still review and learn at the same time!

So...Ta-Da!! Out came my first week of school BUNDLE!
It is a Bubble Gum Themed Bundle and has EVERYTHING you need to start school!

That is just a sneak peek! :)

Bundle Includes:
Gift Tags for Parent Night
Word Searches
Writing Prompts
Letter Writing
A Craftivity
Reading Passage Access and Writing Prompt
Even and Odd Practice
Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication Practice
Graphing Practice
I am Poem
Multiple Sorting Games
Bubble Gum Art Writing Topic
Readers Response and Reading Interest Inventory
Class Interview (tied into writing)
And don't worry, instruction pages for each activity are included! :)

This is a MUST have! Check out the preview to see ALL of the pages included!
Happy Teaching!


I am super excited! I reached the $2,000 for this year already! To celebrate I decided to do a BOGO! To find the info, go visit my Facebook Page! If you haven't liked my page yet, do that, the look for the BOGO! link! It will tell you all of the specifics!

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Shape Showcase!

Here is my newest item! It is called "Shape Showcase!" This year when I was teaching my students shapes, I was at a loss for materials. Of course I could have bought materials but wanted to create my own. At my old school, we did some awesome activities with shapes...one being with toothpicks and marshmallows. I am sure you have heard of that one, but it is where the students make their own 3D shapes using toothpicks as the edges and marshmallows as the vertices (to connect the edges), my kids LOVED it! Now it is an annual thing in our classroom! I also created a Shape Bingo game...I have bingo for addition, subtraction, multiplication, ETC! But not shapes...and all I could find in the stores is the basic shapes...I needed rhombus, parallelogram, you know...those "not so basic" shapes. :) I think the kids will really like this one next year!

I digress, there are tons of fun things in this bundle! I hope you enjoy it and come to find yourself using them annually like me! :)

TPT Store: Shape Showcase 

Teacher's Notebook: Shape Showcase

Literacy Bundle for the 2014-2015 School Year!

Love to PRINT and GO? Me too. So I made this HUGE...I mean HUGE (325+ pages) Literacy Bundle.

Bundle Includes:

Choice Board Bundle
Task Card Bundle
Reader's Response Bundle
Graphic Organizer Bundle
Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
Character Feelings Word Chart
Reading Comprehension Posters
Parent Letter
Text Feature Bundle
Fiction Bundle
Poetry Bundle
Interactive Poetry Journal
Interactive Reading Journal
Fiction Slideshow
Text Feature Slideshow
Poetry Slideshow
Swimming with Synonyms and Antonyms Bundle

325+ Pages of Literacy Resources! A $56 Value for only $25! That's more than a 50% discount!! This Bundle will get you through an entire year of stations, centers, curriculum, and journals! It is a MUST HAVE! :)

TPT Store: Literacy Bundle

Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

Social Studies Interactive Journal

As we wrapped up the year, the team and I realized we did not have very many "creative" things for Social Studies next year. To me, Social Studies is hard because we are always trying to integrate it into other subjects! I decided to create a Social Studies Interactive Journal like my other Interactive Journals! I hope you enjoy this one! It is 66 pages and full of useful printables, foldables and activities!


Skills Include:

Bodies of Water
Natural Disasters
Timeline Vocabulary

Use from August to June! Print and Go! :)

I hope you enjoy! :)

TPT Store: Interactive Social Studies Journal
Teacher's Notebook Store: Interactive Social Studies Journal

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