Classroom Procedures! (Awesome Freebie!)

Well I am pretty excited about Teacher Appreciation next about you? :) I wanted to appreciate all of my fellow teachers in a special way.
I have decided to revamp my Classroom Procedure Posters and then make them a Free Item in my store! I just love these 18 posters in my classroom and I know you will too!

Here are just a few...but remember there are 18 total!! I do not use them all, but wanted to create a lot in hopes of meeting the needs of every teacher!
I hope you enjoy these and can find a great way to use them!
And from the bottom of my heart...thank you for all you do! I teach 3rd and know how daunting some days can be, but oh so rewarding too! So, thank you.
Teacher's Notebook: Classroom Procedure Posters
Enjoy, and HAPPY TEACHING! :)

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