written by Hillary Kiser


Feedback Challenge: May 11-15

Guess who's son is turning FOUR on FRIDAY! OMG. lol. So in honor of his birthday I am celebrating with all of you!
Who is ready to stock up on some items from my store?? Haven't seen my store? I bet you could find some things you need!
I am excited to start my Feedback Challenge!

Here are the rules and details!
  • Download as many FREE products as you would like (I have 50 to choose from)! Or purchase whatever you would like.
  • Leave feedback on as many items as you can!
  • If you leave at least 5 feedbacks, you will get $5 to spend in my store.
  • Every feedback above 5 you leave, you will get an additional $1 to spend in my store!
  • Yeah, that's right...you could get $50 to spend in my store if you play your cards right!
  • Once you leave the feedback you want, e-mail me at Hillary3986@gmail.com and give me your TPT name (the name you use to leave feedback) and how many feedback you left.
  • For example: Hillary Kiser 10 feedback
  • Then tell me what you want from my store for that amount! The e-mails will be coming in rapidly so give me a day or so to respond, but I will e-mail you the products shortly!

This is a GREAT time to stock up on Student Awards, End of the Year Bundles, My HUGE literacy bundle for next year or any beginning of the year items.
No purchase necessary, I have a ton of FREE items to choose from!
I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity! Can't wait to see what you choose!

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