50 Writing Task Cards!

I am always searching for topics for my students to use for writing. We of course have the more thought out topics...that we want to take through the publishing process. I look at those as more of the types of writing (expository, creative, fiction, narrative, how to's...etc.) Then we have journal writing...where I want my kids to just think and write; basically pour over their writing!

Therefore I am left with the daily decision of "what do my children write about today?" I like to have topics that they will enjoy reading years from now...so I created this 50 task card set of writing topics. Students will draw one out (or I will draw one for the entire class) and they will begin writing. These will be great for the writing center too! Students can be self-directed with these cards! I cannot wait to use these in my classroom! I am going to laminate them for durability...but basically just print, cut, and you are ready! Hope you enjoy! Click on the link below to get your copy!

50 Writing Task Cards

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