Sight Word Fluency Checks!

Back again! Wow, twice in one day?? Can you tell it is Spring Break around here?? I guess I should tell you too that I just recently got a new computer! It has some amazing features to help me with my TPT stuff, sooo...I am a little addicted! :)

Here is a new creation I made today during my son's nap time! (Its about the only time of day I am productive.) I have created fluency checks to go along with my sight word cards! I am not selling them together because I realize not everyone needs alllll of the sight cards. However, I am selling all of the fluency checks in one pack. K-3rd. If I may say, I believe these will be extremely helpful for you and of course me, because I am a teacher as well! Please feel free to go check them out!

Fluency Checks

Happy Teaching! :)

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