I am excited to be posting again, and during the week? WOW! :)

I have been updating (and will continue) to update a few of my items! With my new fonts, clipart, and computer, I am excited to make my products even better!

I also am adding a TERMS OF USE page to all of my items. I didn't realize how big this TPT thing could get...wow...but I am loving it!

I have updated my FICTION ELEMENTS MEGA PACK--Here are a few photos!

I have also updated my FICTION and NON-FICTION TASK CARDS--Here are a few photos!

Lastly I have updated my MATH COVER-UP GAMES--Here are a few photos!

All of these items are HUGE sellers, so I wanted to make them even better and more appealing. I hope you enjoy! Please leave me feedback and follow me on here and my TPT! :)

Happy Teaching!

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