Literacy Bundle!

Well after waiting for what seemed like 2 hours for my computer to update (more like 10 minutes) :) I was finally able to get on and complete a project I have been working on! I usually save this stuff for the weekend, but I was too excited about this and TONS of people have been asking me to do this--so here we go!

I finally posted my LITERACY BUNDLE!

Enjoy all of my Literacy products in this one BUNDLE!

Choice Board Bundle
Task Card Bundle
Reader's Response Bundle
Graphic Organizer Bundle
Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
Character Feelings Word Chart
Reading Comprehension Posters

40 Pages of literacy resources!! A $20 Value--greatly discounted!

I mainly did this for the discount! Buying 
separately can be expensive! I hope this helps! :)

Enjoy! Happy Teaching! 

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