Got another thing crossed off my list today during Rex's nap time!--I find this is when I am most productive--other times I just want to play with him. :) Or change diapers, feed him, etc. Anyway, on the the point...I got my OBJECTIVES board(s) done today! One for Reading/Writing/Social Studies.

I did the dry erase frames like the ones I had already done in a previous post! I color coordinated them with my classroom though! I was just going to write the word "Objectives" above them once they were hung on my dryerase board but I decided this "Our Objectives" sign was way cuter! :)
Here is a close up of what the top frame looks like. :) I just used colored cardstock for the blue, pink and green frames. Then for the "Objectives" frame I used white scrapbook paper (it had to be longer and I already had some) then I used scrapbook letters!

The frames were $2.56 each at Wal-Mart. They had cheaper ones that would have worked, but I just liked the frames on these! Oh and obviously for the "Objectives" frame it was a different size and shape. (Same Price)

I am going to stick 3M hooks to my dryerase board (they work great) and then hang the frames on those! I have already done this with one of them in my room, it works like a charm! No Nails!

That is about all I have gotten accomplished today! My in-laws are coming over for dinner tonight, so I have been cooking and cleaning. :) I was pleased with how the boards turned out though!

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