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What are Homophones Anyway?

Homophones? (insert puzzled look **here**)

Yes, that is what I get from my kids the first time they hear me say "Homophones." However, it is one of their favorite things to learn! Once they get it--they GET IT! Then you can't keep them from pointing one out ot you when they see it--I love it! :) But what is a homophone anyway? A homophone is a word that sounds the same, but is spelled different and has a different meaning. (For example--Won and One.) I have been on the search for some games to put in centers for homophones and even some fun activities to do in lessons. And can you believe it? I found some! (Big shock? Nah.) But none-the-less, I'm excited about them so I thought I would share!

The Perfect Match

I thought this (it comes with many more pages) would be an awesome book to put together for the kids. (Well, they would illustrate it and put it together) But I love the samples it gives you and then blank pages for the students to create their homophones on!

Cooking Up Homophones

This one has cards and a task sheet that comes with it so the students can cut them out and glue them on the task sheet.

There are 3 more "card" pages, I just didn't want to show pictures of them all. :)

Homophone Baseball

This activity has glove cut outs and ball cut outs for the students to match up!

It also has a little "pocket" task sheet for the students to record their matches.

I am in the process of printing/cutting and laminating all of these for stations! I think my kids will enjoy them! :) I hope these links help you--shocker, they are not on Pinterest! I found these goodies on my own--so get to printing. :)

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