Station Games 'R' Us!

Back again with another station game idea! This one is definitely more hands on, but I think it will be fun! It can be used with just about anything--but I did mine for antonyms! So I am going to start you with the finished product! Here it is!

I know what you are thinking...what the heck is it? Well it is a matching game--of sorts. :) Start with a $.92 Cupcake tin from Wal-mart and 12 Ping Pong Balls! The Cupcake tins range from $.92-$11.98. Get the cheap one!! You may want to do this for another game as well!

Then get some address labels. I used Avery 5167 (they are tiny) but you can use whatever you have on hand! (Sorry I couldn't turn it in Blogger--but there is a picture of the number.)

Then I just typed up the words I wanted on Microsoft Word! (You could do antoynms, synonyms, math facts, homophones, ANYTHING!) --I also did a set for synonyms and homophones. Then stick one match to a ping pong ball and the opposite to the cupcake tin. :) The labels don't lay exactly flat on the ball, but I tried to write on them and was terrible. If you want to write on them though, that works for some people. I would suggest the labels for at least the cupcake tin--if not both. (They both worked fine for me-just push down the labels on the ball.)

Then...there you have it! The kids match then up and place the ping pong ball in the matching cupcake slot. :)

To take it a step further though...I made an activity sheet for my kids to fill out when they are done. As I have said before, I need a product from my kids. I don't always grade them, but I use them to see if the kids are understanding the skill or not. :) Here is a picture of the simple page I created! Here is the link for it! It is free, of course! Hope you and your kids enjoy this activity!

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