Choice Board Packet!

Well I must Choice Boards on TPT have been BIG HIT! People love them and I have had many requests for some different versions!
So I created a Poetry version of a Choice Board! You can find it HERE!

I also created a Non-Fiction and Fiction Reading Response Choice Board! I cannot wait to use these this year instead of having students respond on notebook paper (boring!) These choice boards will spice things up and help me know if the students are really getting a certain concept! You can find the Non-Fiction one HERE! And the Fiction one HERE!

And lastly I created a PACKET of Choice Boards that people could get all at once! You can find those HERE! I have just had a such a wonderful response about these...I love hearing all of your wonderful comments about how these work for you! This packet includes a Math, Reading and Poetry Choice well as both Reading Response Choice Boards! Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Why does your chart indicate read a non-fiction "story" ? A story is a narrative form of writing and non-fiction (usually) is not narrative, although it can contain narrative elements. I bet it might be confusing to students who are trying to be clear about the difference between the two forms of writing. Love the chart otherwise tough! Thanks for putting it up!


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