Important People: Past and Present!

I am very excited about my newest creation!! I just finished a wonderful (if I may say so myself) PowerPoint presentation that teaches all of the 3rd grade Social Studies people! My team and I had such a hard time last year putting together something that would teach an overview of these people (there are so many!!) We of course would go in depth with the people later during our research projects but the students needed to know something about the people before then!

In my PowerPoint presentation, I included 23 different people...(I won't list them all!) I also included the date they were born, their occupation, things they are remembered for and the date they died--and of course a photograph! I hope all you teachers can use this to help you with your social studies unit! I think it can also be adapted for 2nd and 4th! :) I know we have a lot of the same people! Go check it out in my TpT store!

I hope you enjoy!! :)

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