Welcome Back Packet!

As you know...I am changing districts this year! At my old district...we always had a "Welcome Back Packet" that we would have on the student's desk first thing in the morning the first week of school. If you have taught before...you know that the first week is CRAZY! Meeting parents, getting kids settled, getting supplies settled, and getting transportation recorded for all of the students! (First Day Goal--Get All of the Student Home!)--It's in the teaching handbook. ;)

Anyway, I didn't have one of those packets for this coming year...the work isn't hard, it's fun! A lot of get to know you activities and "tell me about your summer" activities. So I decided to create one! I believe the worst part will be making copies of it! :) I love it though! Here is a preview of the packet! Download your packet HERE!

There are mulitple pages of this one!

I hope you can use this with your kiddos!!

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