Math Word Problem Cards

Well as you know I will be teaching math once again this coming year! (After a two year break of only teaching reading and writing!) My supplies for math activities were running kind of low...and if you live in Texas you know the Math TEKS changed as well! Whew...lots to think about! I decided to put my stress to work! I have been working on math word problems for my students. I plan on using this as an "Early Bird" activity (when kids finish early.) I created a set of 24 colorful word problem cards that I will laminate and run off for my kids (probably 2 sets just to make sure each child can have multiple cards at their seat.) The students will use the answer sheet I also created and fill in the word problems (showing work of course!) Here is a glimpse of the cards! There are 6 pages of cards total (24 cards) but this gives you an idea! You can find the whole set HERE.

These word problem cards include multiple skills...basically every skills I could think of! :) I know these would work great for 4th grade also...and perhaps most of them for 2nd grade? I would probably just take out the division ones for the 2nd graders! But who knows...they may love a challenge!

I hope these help your wonderful kiddos! I can't wait to use them with mine!

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