Anyone Need a FREEBIE?

Anyone in the mood for an End of the Year FREEBIE? I was definitely in the mood to make one! I needed a poem for my kids for the end of year! Just a little something to leave on their desk that last day of school with their goodie "jars" I am doing this year! (Blog post about that later!) I made these poems for the end of the year and decided to give them away for free! I cannot take credit for the wording of the poems...I have seen these for years, I just decided to make them "cute" to match my taste and the taste of my kiddos! :) Here is a look at them! Go grab them either at my TPT Link or my Teacher's Notebook Link (listed below.) I hope you like them!!

Teacher's Notebook: End of Year Poems for Students
Also if you are still looking for End of the Year Student Awards...grab mine my "Some Finger Lickin' Good Awards" Blog Post! I cannot wait to give these to my kids! :)

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