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Swimming with Synonyms and Antonyms *Blub Blub*

So I was reading to my son tonight before bed...his favorite book..."Pout Pout Fish!" and the idea came to me! Swimming with Synonyms and Antonyms!! lol. I know, I am pretty random, but in that book I spotted a great synonym, then thought about telling my students about it...then well...one thought let to another and out came my newest creation! :) I was so truly glad that Creative Clips had some lovely fish I could purchase from her store! Thanks Krista, these helped me out tremendously! :) Go grab her fish, you will LOVE them! :)

So in my newest creation--there are:

Synonym and Antonym Anchor Charts
Synonym and Antonym Acrostic Posters
Synonym and Antonym Matching Games
Synonym and Antonym Game Cards with Game Boards
Synonym and Antonym Word Searches
Synonym and Antonym Assessments
Synonym and Antonym Activity Pages for Students

I had the most fun creating this product! I cannot wait to use it with my kiddos! I know they will love the games and all of the fun activities! We need this sort of stuff this time of the year...can I get an AMEN? :) I hope you enjoy too! Go grab your copy and let me know what you think! Below I am linking my TPT store and my Teacher's Notebook Store--pick your fave! :) Both have previews, so check them out and see what you think!

 There is a sneak peek! Total Bundle is 32 Pages! Here are the links!

TPT Link

Teacher's Notebook Link

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Happy Teaching!

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  1. SO super cute!! It's funny where inspiration strikes us!