written by Hillary Kiser


Sight Word Cheapie! :)

Sight Words!! They may not be free, but they are SUPER cheap! :)

I am very excited to finally have updated these! Sight words were one of the first products I made for TPT...and while I was very proud of them at the time, I have learned soooo much and was very glad to update these wonderful tools! These are K-3rd grade cards...and they are colorful, attractive, and easy to read! Just laminate and there you go!

For a short time only--I will have them on SALE for $1.00! (I know...I must be crazy...53 pages...yikes...) And to make it even crazier...TPT is having a sale...so you will get them...for like...NOTHING! lol. I truly hope you enjoy them! Buy them NOW...because on May 8...they go back to $3.00! Just a little token of my appreciation to all you wonderful teachers! :)

Here is the LINK!! Sight Word Bundle!

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